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Thursday, March 02, 2006


More than 5000 Maharashtra docs on strike

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 1516 hours IST
Updated: Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 1542 hours IST

Mumbai, March 2: Colleges from six more cities in Maharashtra joined the resident doctors strike, which entered the fourth consecutive day today, taking the total number of medicos who are on strike to more than 5,000.

"Doctors from government medical colleges in Aurangabad, Nanded, B J Medical College in Pune, Government Hospitals from Solapur, Miraj and Ambejogai have joined us in our strike," secretary of Maharashtra Association Resident Doctors (MARD) Ajay Oswal told PTI here.

“The total number of doctors on strike is now in excess of 5,000”, Oswal said adding the doctors had not heard from any government authority on their demands, which include an increase in the stipend and a decrease in the doctor patient ratio.

Maharashtra government last night invoked the Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act (MESMA) 2005 against the striking resident doctors, but Oswal said MARD was still in the process of taking legal advice on the matter.

THE REAL FACTS:an insight into our living conditions

Let’s clear the facts.

* Pay hike – For your kind information we are not paid 10, 000. Rather, it is still less. Most of us are in the age group 25 – 28 and still asking for money from our parents to fulfill our basic needs and pay our whopping fees. At the same age, people in other professions support their families. Doctors from other states are already receiving stipend as per the Central Residency Scheme since years and we are only demanding for the same.

* Working hours – There are no stipulated working hours. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Officially, we get only 10 days of casual leave for every 6 months and for claiming that, we have to arrange for a replacement doctor. There are no weekly offs and ward work continues on official Government holidays.

* Living conditions – We have 6 – 8 residents living in a single dingy room with no basic amenities. It is similar to living on a pavement, but with walls around. A single dirty toilet which does not even flush is shared by around 40 residents.

* Security – In spite of all this adversity, we are expected to be alert and sensitive. It is quite evident from the series of incidents of doctors getting assaulted, the kind of security that we have been provided. A single doctor has to handle around 40 – 50 patients in the ward, each having a minimum of 4 – 5 relatives.

* Doctor-Patient ratio – Kindly note that the number of patients has been increasing over the years. At the same time, the number of resident doctors has been consistently decreasing. The vacant posts remain so because of the hopeless working and living conditions.

Finally, we want to make it clear that we are not averse to working hard. We are not fighting for luxury, rather basic living conditions which a human being deserves after such hard work. Don’t we deserve some dignity, something that this profession is known for?




Maharashtra govt invokes MESMA against striking doctors
Mumbai, Mar 1: Cracking down, Maharashtra government tonight invoked the Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act (MESMA) against striking resident doctors demanding stop to assault on medicos and gave them four-hour ultimatum to return to work.

"We have started issuing notices to 1940 such resident doctors in Mumbai who are on strike for their various demands that if they don't report to duty within four hours of being served the notice the provisions of MESMA will become applicable," Deputy Municipal Commissioner Vijay Kalam-Patil told reporters late tonight.

He said the strike has been declared illegal under MESMA and the process to deregister the resident doctors with the Mumbai University would be initiated if they do not report to duty within four hours of receiving the notice.

"We have also warned them that if they fail to abide by the notice, their residential quarters would be forcibly vacated," Kalam-Patil said adding appropriate noting would be made in these doctors' experience certificate, which would go against their career.



1. Security:
i. Strengthening of security sevices in all public hospitals.
ii. Amendment in law to prohibit unfortunate phycial and mental assaults on doctors
2. Stipend: Central parity in pay scales for resident doctors. (As applicable to resident doctors, Registered/Unregistered of AIIMS, Delhi, PGI, Chandigarh, NIMHANS Bangalore etc. ie. 18, 000 to 21, 000 plus other allowances applicable under central residency scheme).
3. Working hourse: Regulation of Duty hours as
i. 8 hours per day; 6 days a week
ii. weekly off (Working hours more than 48 hours a week)
4. Tuition fees: Abolition of tuition fees, certificate charges etc.
5. Increase in seats : Increase in the number of recognised seats
6. MCI Recognition of various postgraduate course in all departments of medical colleges in Maharashtra.
7. Proper Residential Facilities : Proper residential facilities for resident doctors (One room per doctor along with at least basic amenities)
8. Health Insurance: Health Insurance coverage to all resident doctors in Govt./Corporation Medical Colleges.
9. Library : 24 hour library services in all medical colleges

MARD darte nahin!- mid day reports

MARD darte nahin!
By: A Mid Day Correspondent
March 2, 2006
Dr Shrikant Pandit, president MARD, told MiD DAY this morning that MARD residents would go ahead with the strike.

“Let them arrest us, deregister and evict us from the hostel. We’re not scared. The four hour-notice issued to us has already elapsed.”

He added they would court mass arrest if police arrested some of them for instigating the doctors.

A MARD delegation will meet the chief minister today to forward their demands while all 13 medical colleges across the state will strike work today.

End strike, OR ELSE!- mid day reports

End strike, OR ELSE!
By: A Mid Day Correspondent
March 2, 2006
Special forces visited civic hospitals such as KEM, BYL Nair and Sion to create fear among the agitators. The state is contemplating a similar operation at government hospitals as well
The state government yesterday called in commandos from the police force and the BMC’s security wing to get the 3,500 striking resident doctors back at work. They have sent a clear message to the protesters —resume work by 9 am today or face the consequences.

Special forces visited civic hospitals such as KEM, BYL Nair and Sion to create fear among the agitators. The state is contemplating a similar operation at the four government hospitals on strike as well.

They are also considering the option of arresting doctors under the Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act (MESMA). “We can call in the police to arrest the protesters for disrupting essential services in case they don’t resume work today,” said Vijay Sinh Patankar, additional municipal commissioner.

State health minister Suresh Shetty said, “We will look into their demands for a revision of stipend and recognition of courses, but we need some time to take a decision.”

What will happen

The state has decided to confiscate deposits of the striking postgraduate students. The agitators may even have to repeat courses and vacate their hostels. There are 1,314 registered doctors at three BMC hospitals — KEM, Sion and BYL Nair — who face eviction. The state may do the same at its own GS Medical College too.

The decision will also hit 664 unregistered doctors who practice at the BMC’s 13 peripheral hospitals. “We will terminate their services with immediate effect,” vowed Patankar.
Same old story

– While thousands waited for treatment on day three of the strike, doctors refused to get back to work. “We will continue our stir no matter what the state decides to do. We cannot rely on empty promises,” said Yoganand Patil, a spokesperson for the protesters.

– Yashodhan Deshpande, a doctor at BYL Nair, said, “The state and BMC are trying to tell the people that we are only interested in pay hike. That is not true. Our demands are legitimate demands.”

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

well done..we support u

i invite all the members of medical fraternity, in maharashtra or outside, to extend their support to MARD in thier struggle for a basic minimum needs demand objective. we need to spread this message wide and far, in writing, visual or by the word of mouth in order to bring out the truth regarding the state of resident doctors in maharashtra. we also need to ensure that the ministers do not turn a deaf ear again to our rightful demands.

in this respect i invite ideas from all brotherhood bringing forth suggetions as to how can we bring out a debate into the media.

kindly join arms in this fight for justice.